Although 2010 has been a mixed bag across the nation when it comes to implementing elements of the smart grid, the major Electric Distribution Companies (“EDCs”) in Pennsylvania have all received PaPUC approval of their smart meter implementation plans. And while the Commission appears eager to embrace the new technology, the common denominator among most

BGE took the political high road and decided to move forward with a modified version of its smart grid plan despite not receiving cost recovery via a surcharge tracker. In a news release the day it filed its modified proposal, BGE president and chief executive officer, Kenneth W. DeFontes expressed disappointment over the Commission’s June

On June 21, 2010, to the surprise of many, the Maryland Public Service Commission (“MPSC” or “Commission”) denied Baltimore Gas and Electric Company’s (“BGE”) Application to Deploy a Smart Grid Initiative (“Proposal”).  Stating, “Although we share BGE’s (and others’) hopes, and even enthusiasm, for the long-run potential and importance of the infrastructure upgrades known colloquially