I recently had the opportunity to interview the Chairman of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, Robert F. Powelson, regarding his views on smart meter opt-outs and other issues affecting Pennsylvania’s energy future. Because I live and practice in Pennsylvania, I may be biased but I think Smart Grid Legal News readers will agree it is

Rather than let the experts at the Georgia Public Service Commission address the issue, lawmakers in Georgia have decided to address consumer smart meter concerns with the passage of Senate Bill 459. What is most concerning about the bill is that it fails to acknowledge the financial implication of smart meter opt-outs. Well, that is

Based on its Energy Overview, Michigan’s total energy consumption is relatively high, due in part to the State’s large population (8th in the nation), northern climate and industrial sector.  Activities such as durable goods manufacturing by the automotive, glass, metal castings and chemical industries, as well as mining, pulp and paper manufacturing/production promotes