The Department of Energy (“DOE”), Office of Electricity,  recently issued a Request for Information (“RFI”), seeking comments regarding cost-effective ways to make electric infrastructure systems more resilient against severe weather events. DOE says, “The purpose of this RFI is to gather “relevant consensus-based codes, specifications, and standards,” state and industry best practices, and other pertinent

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It crosses cultural and political boundaries. Gratitude never goes out of style. Given the utility related events we have experienced throughout the year, last year’s post from November 23, 2011 is quite current. Happy Thanksgiving.

Thankful for the Smart Grid and So Much More

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite

Over the next ten years, the electric industry will face a number of significant emerging reliability issues. The confluence of these uses will drive a transformational change for the industry, potentially resulting in a dramatically different resource mix, a new market for emissions trading, a need for enhanced modeling, and a new risk framework built

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it causes me to reflect on life and the many things I often take for granted. Last year, as host of the family dinner, after everyone was fed and happy, we gathered for a presentation. I explained the crisis regarding fresh drinking water and challenged the 30-plus