The Department of Energy (“DOE”), Office of Electricity,  recently issued a Request for Information (“RFI”), seeking comments regarding cost-effective ways to make electric infrastructure systems more resilient against severe weather events. DOE says, “The purpose of this RFI is to gather “relevant consensus-based codes, specifications, and standards,” state and industry best practices, and other pertinent

I was not surprised when a recent White House Report stated that weather is the leading cause of power outages. The impact of these natural events can often be felt on a personal and professional level as homes are damaged and businesses have to close. Electricity plays a critical role as recovery efforts begin. The

Microgrids play an important role in the development of a smarter electric grid and present security and safety challenges which must be addressed. Ever wanted to attend the National Defense University? On June 18, 2013, the Department of Energy and the National Defense University will co-host the Smart Power Infrastructure Demonstration for Energy Reliability and

From energy storage to distribution automation, there are many things we can do to make the electric grid smarter. However, focusing on technology while overlooking the little things would be a big miss, or the equivalent to “air conditioning the entire neighborhood” as my mother would say when demanding I shut the door. Just in time

Cybersecurity threats challenge the reliability, resiliency and safety of the electric grid. As the smart grid develops and today’s electrical grid interconnects with distributed generation and less tangible information technology components such as networks, software and the internet, the need to address cybersecurity at utilities takes center stage. Enter NARUC. With funding from DOE

As we celebrate the beginning of our independence, I challenge Smart Grid Legal News readers to take one action this week that moves our country closer to energy independence. It can be something as simple as changing your light bulbs to compact florescent bulbs or unplugging the cell phone charger when it is not in

It may not be an epidemic but the number of states to consider smart meter opt-outs is spreading. No one doubts the importance of reliability and the need to update the electric grid. However, it is a surprise to the industry that due to a vocal minority, many utilities face having to upgrade while retaining

Last week, officials from the Energy Department, the White House and the Department of Homeland Security met with senior leaders from across the electric sector to launch an initiative to better protect the nation’s electric grid. Over a dozen electric utilities and grid operators are expected to participate in the pilot program to test the