Camps have changed a lot since my childhood days of learning to swim at the Y. Somewhere between the increased competition for college admission and the universities’ quest to monetize all that empty space during the summer, parents have started spending a lot of money for “enrichment.” Admittedly, I have fallen prey. Recently, I sat

Just in time for the first anticipated heat wave of the summer in the Philly area, North American Electric Reliability Corporation (“NERC”) released the 2013 Summer Reliability Assessment.

Prognosis: Stable with a chance of weather strain.

Good news: A majority of the areas in the NERC report are projecting sufficient resources to meet summer

Recent weather events here on the East Coast have highlighted how much we depend on digital technology and energy. As previously stated, I along with many others prepare for weather events by charging our gadgets, sometimes to the neglect of some basic measures like filling up our gas tanks. Yes, digital steals the show. We

I recently had the opportunity to interview the Chairman of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, Robert F. Powelson, regarding his views on smart meter opt-outs and other issues affecting Pennsylvania’s energy future. Because I live and practice in Pennsylvania, I may be biased but I think Smart Grid Legal News readers will agree it is

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s (NERC) 2012 Summer Reliability Assessment finds most of North America has sufficient resources available to meet summer peak demands, however, planning reserve margins in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) assessment area are projected to be below the NERC Reference Margin Level, the threshold by which resource adequacy

Green Button is an industry-led effort that allows electricity customers to download their household or building energy-use data in a consumer- and computer-friendly format. PaPUC Chairman Powelson and Commissioner Witmer recently issued a statement encouraging Pennsylvania electric utilities not already involved to take part in this important initiative that empowers customers. Green-Button-enabled web and smartphone

Data privacy has been an issue long before the smart grid became a commonly used term. With so much of our lives spent online and stored in clouds, data privacy is certainly something to be concerned about. Technology is a wonderful thing, yet it creates more data that needs to be managed and protected. There