I know I have said it at least a hundred times, but every time I discuss smart meters, I feel the need to repeat it. The smart grid is not just about smart meters. But today’s focus is on smart meters. A recent news story about a family’s smart meter experience motivated me to write

The Public Utility Commission of Texas (“Commission”) says that after years of vetting smart meter deployment through public hearings, workshops and four contested cases, no one objected to orders requiring full deployment and cost recovery of advanced meters. And when health and safety concerns were subsequently raised, the Commission evaluated these issues and concluded they

In the past, customer education typically meant nothing more than a bill insert and perhaps an additional public notice. Then came the smart grid and suddenly more is required… much more. Ameren Illinois conducted a quantitative study to measure its customers’ baseline awareness about AMI. Key findings revealed:

  • 63% of customers have heard the term

Two years after providing approval to Florida Power and Light to install smart meters, the Florida Public Service Commission has decided to have a public workshop regarding the devices due to public outcry. Scheduled for September 20, 2012, the workshop will give the public the opportunity to provide comments regarding smart meters. The Commission has

The Maine Public Utility Commission shocked the industry when it was one of the first states to open an opt-out investigation and subsequently order a smart meter opt-out. Despite taking these steps that many in the utility industry disagree with, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court recently told the MPUC it failed to adequately address the health and

I recently had the opportunity to interview the Chairman of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, Robert F. Powelson, regarding his views on smart meter opt-outs and other issues affecting Pennsylvania’s energy future. Because I live and practice in Pennsylvania, I may be biased but I think Smart Grid Legal News readers will agree it is

For those who have been surprised by the wave of opt-out rulings, buckle up! The California Public Utility Commission is about to begin Phase 2 of its opt-out proceedings and it promises to be a thriller. Of course the traditional issues such as cost and cost allocation will be addressed and while important, I believe

In the case of BONNIE MENTH AND VICKY DAVIS, COMPLAINANTS, VS. IDAHO POWER COMPANY, RESPONDENT (Case No. IPC-E-12-04), the Idaho Public Utilities Commission dismissed the complaints finding that the complainants have not provided sufficient demonstrable, credible, factual evidence to support a finding that meters present legitimate safety or potentially inappropriate communication concerns. The Commission’s order