Stevens & Lee represents companies doing business in the energy industry as producers, distributors and consumers. We counsel clients in the development, purchase, sale, distribution and marketing of all forms of energy. We also represent other stakeholders, such as municipalities and other state and local government bodies, public/private ventures, new technology ventures, project developers and investors, non-profits, weatherization agencies and corporate and industrial consumers in a wide range of energy-related matters.

Stevens & Lee’s multidisciplinary team of professionals provides a complete range of industry-focused services in the following key areas:

  • Electric Energy Procurement
  • Alternative Energy
  • Smart Grid
  • Conservation and Cleantech
  • Regulatory
  • Government Affairs
  • Grants and Incentives
  • Litigation
  • Reliability
  • Green Building

Stevens & Lee is at the forefront of the discussion concerning Smart Grid characteristics. We have been involved in conversations with regulatory agencies to determine consumer interface policy, such as who will own data collected by smart chips in appliances and smart meters. We have assisted energy generators, distributors  and consumers in the many different legal aspects of updating their facilities and business operations to integrate with Smart Grid technology.

As the discussion intensifies and Smart Grid issues become more pervasive in day-to-day business operations, Stevens & Lee’s integrated team of professionals will provide counsel on the Smart Grid and all its related issues, including policy and regulatory guidance, environmental, intellectual property, privacy, contract disputes and energy efficiency. Our goal is to assist businesses in taking full advantage of Smart Grid technology, whether they are generators, distributors, consumers, or a combination of all three.

Specific Practice Areas

  • Contract negotiation and creation
  • Tax assessment and recovery proceedings
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Real estate and construction
  • Environmental due diligence, including liability transfer agreements
  • Zoning and land use regulation
  • Labor and employment
  • Bankruptcy
  • LEED Construction
  • Energy efficiency
  • Alternative energy
  • Power purchase agreements