By: Gatsheena Beauplan

What is the Quadrennial Energy Review? The QER enables the federal government to translate policy goals into a set of analytically based, integrated actions for over a four-year time period. As directed by the President, the QER is envisioned as a focused, actionable document designed to provide policymakers, industry, investors and other stakeholders with unbiased data and analysis on energy challenges, needs, requirements and barriers that will inform a range of policy options. 

The deadline for submitting comments to the Quadrennial Energy Review is July 1, 2016 – less than one week away.

The first installment of the QER examined the Nation’s infrastructure for transmission, storage and distribution, including liquid and natural gas pipelines, the grid and shared transport such as rail, waterways,and ports. It was released in April 2015. Given the critical enabling role of electricity articulated in the first installment, the Administration has determined that the second installment of the QER will develop a set of findings and policy recommendations to help guide the modernization of the nation’s electric grid and ensure its continued reliability, safety, affordability and environmental performance through 2040.

If you haven’t submitted comments yet to the second installment of the QER, you only have a few days left to make your thoughts heard.

Submit your comments today.

More information about the QER is available HERE.