The utility industry has a reputation for being stodgy and slow to innovate and change. Yet one of its main regulators is quite different. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has often taken the lead when it comes to embracing technology and adopting new ways of connecting with the public. From electronic filing to webcasts

Utilities service territories are unique in many ways, including geography and culture. Despite the differences, there are benefits gained from studying the experiences of peers. Voices of Experience|Insights on Smart Grid Customer Engagement provides practical advice from utilities that have implemented smart grid projects to educate and engage their customers. It’s an effort to capture the

From energy storage to distribution automation, there are many things we can do to make the electric grid smarter. However, focusing on technology while overlooking the little things would be a big miss, or the equivalent to “air conditioning the entire neighborhood” as my mother would say when demanding I shut the door. Just in time

National Grid recently received the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities’ approval to begin a two year comprehensive smart grid pilot. An important element of the pilot is the company’s focus on customer outreach and education. Cited as its “listen, test, and learn” approach, National Grid will use a variety of different communication channels, both traditional

Two years after providing approval to Florida Power and Light to install smart meters, the Florida Public Service Commission has decided to have a public workshop regarding the devices due to public outcry. Scheduled for September 20, 2012, the workshop will give the public the opportunity to provide comments regarding smart meters. The Commission has

Green Button is an industry-led effort that allows electricity customers to download their household or building energy-use data in a consumer- and computer-friendly format. PaPUC Chairman Powelson and Commissioner Witmer recently issued a statement encouraging Pennsylvania electric utilities not already involved to take part in this important initiative that empowers customers. Green-Button-enabled web and smartphone

Facebook, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Opower along with 16 utilities recently launched a social energy app to help customers become more energy efficient. Leveraging the Facebook platform, the app allows people to quickly and easily start benchmarking their home’s energy usage against similar homes, compare energy use with friends, enter energy-saving competitions and

Last spring researchers at Zpryme Research & Consulting, LLC released a study on the New Energy Customer. The data provides great insight to help utilities engage customers as we all move forward with the smart grid. A few highlights include:

  • 70% of home owners and 66.8% of renters rated their utility as good or outstanding.

On May 19, 2011, after taking into consideration all public correspondence and filings, the Maine Public Utilities Commission issued a Part 1 Order requiring Central Maine Power to implement an opt out program. What is interesting about the order is that it seems to go beyond addressing the RF issues and requires more than what